——— Shaping memory in transit

ROCKFLUID is based on a collaboration between artist Elena Cologni and Psychologist Dr Lisa Saksida, Department of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge University. Memory, perception and place are the elements around which the project is built, also by considering “Travelling as a way to produce forms".



  • In the project, memory is considered in its 'fluid' and 'solid' states, as Dr Saksida suggests referring to the recollection of events. Memory in its archival state would be solid, and, when in the process of resurfacing would be fluid.

    In this sense this transitional quality of memory can be a metaphor of Cologni's way of working, as she considers art in a similar way, neither only matter related, nor only ephemeral: its manifestations can vary and feed into each other.

    In ‘RockFluid’ the artistic activities weave the practice of recollection by individuals into

  • the urban context, where spaces are reactivated. Map-based drawings are used as the basis for a series of urban interventions and a webcast. Ultimately, by sharing the creative process through workshops and interventions it aims at looking at how places influence the way we remember and who we are, thus mapping a psycho-geography. RockFluid, includes a series of interconnected tours, map drawings, urban interventions, in different places in and outside the UK. Dealing with the relationship among perception, personal and social memory, and psycho-geography, it will involve the public throughout in the making and delivering of its outcomes.

  • The launch of the project was at Science Festival, Department of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge on 19 March, Performance Studies international #17, Utrecht on 27 May, and Wysing Arts Centre in July 2011.

  • Workshops

    Scientific and artistic practical understanding of processes of memory, related to the present moment of recollection and on short term and sensory memory, as well as on the relation body place.

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  • Urban Interventions

    They manifest in three phases: preparation, city tour and fluid structures. In each city a different narrative is added by the participants.

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  • Drawings

    Time and place overlap in the map drawings produced during the preparation phase for the urban interventions.

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  • Collaborations

    Do you want to join? The project is open to others. If you want collaborate by joining one of our interventions or send a suggestion, please get in touch.

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  • --
    A participant draws a diagram of a walk from memory
    (a ritentiva method)


ROCKFLUID is awarded Grants for the Arts, Arts Council of England, within the Escalator Programme. ROCKFLUID is supported by Colchester Arts Centre, Wysing Arts Centre and the University of Cambridge, while opening up to other collaborating institutions.


Studio: Wysing Arts Centre
Fox Road, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2TX

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