interference and the present

28 May, 2012

it was the word around which Caterina, Lisa¬†and I discussed processes of memorisation. Since then this has also been in my mind and in the studio the video, the drawings, and a 3D structure have embedded a sort of interference. Mainly to do with our physical experience in space. It is when we find an obstacle that we have to stop thinking other things and have concentrate in that¬†moment¬†on how to face it. The present moment. I guess is the condition many of us find themselves in: that of being away…., there is no time for nostalgia, memories make sense in the moment we recollect them wherever we are. They become something else with us changing. We loose a sense of identity linked to a terrotory with boundaries, its food, culture and history. We gain a sense of independence by learning to like the taste of the present.


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