on balancing

18 March, 2014

from a facebook discussion:

Pam Burnard Would be good to see your view on the interculturality of this practice in a post.
  • Elena Cologni Thanks¬† Pam for prompting me. My¬† artistic practice develops with my awareness of my role of artist functioning as interface within intercultural dynamics in cities (through the adoption of an overlapping psychological perspective as well, and to investigate intercultural exchange through art. In recent site specific participatory projects Navigation Diagrams¬† (MK Gallery, Milton Keynes UK 2013), L’elastico (Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK, 2012) and this, Balancing (Doppelgaenger Gallery, Bari¬† Italy 2014) I adopted a dialogic based process by which I act as an agent within a social context over a period of time to inform her creative undertakings which result¬† in a stratification of meanings from different cultures including my own (cultural memory) as transnational artist. Memory is at the centre of my practice, and of my interest in the construction of subjectivities. Furthermore, in the current digital driven context this is believed to be unstable and eveshifting. In particular is part of the project radio materiality curated by vessel and addresses issues of identity within the mediterranean region. Overall my artistic research practice is grounded in phenomenology and emphases for example interchange within shared lived space. This can be referred to as the performativity aspect in the work, which is also activated when I am no longer present, but my work (which is participatory) is. The spintops, while carrying selected words form the dialogues with mothers based in the city of Bari, are heavy and allow people to have a very specific physical experience while playing



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