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Q21 MuseumsQuartier Wien

7 July, 2016

20160725_130011lived dialectics: movement and rest

Elena Cologni

site specific performance

27 July 2016, 10-11:00 and 17-18:00
stroll from MQ courtyard 7 (in front of AZW) to Burgtor/ Heldenplatz

“…a pre-reflexive corporeal awareness manifested through everyday’s gestures and behaviors and typically in synch with the spatial and physical environment in which the action unfolds….bodily routines as contributing to the lived dimensions of place, including attachment grounded in habitual regularity…  the simple act of walking with its movement and rest patterns….”

Cologni spent a month as residency artist in Vienna to think and develop a body of work about issues of place attachment, where Freud initiated studies on mother-infant attachment. Our identity evolves in relation to our continuous engagement with place, and most importantly, in relation to others.  The context of the residency format functions as a metaphor for a temporary setting within a nomadic approach to life, a very current and widely shared social condition. Cologni invites others to physically test and feel.

Curated by Walter Seidl und Gülsen Bal
Image: Study for site responsive drawing (courtyard), Elena Cologni, 2016
















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My time in Vienna is an opportunity to think and develop a body of work about issues of place attachment and belonging, and within the wider context of a critical ecology of memory. My work has been addressing our continuous engagement with place, and how, in the live process of memorizing (and recollect) our experience, we change our very perception of it. Our identity inevitably evolves within this dynamics, and, most importantly, in relation to others.

Years ago, I chose to leave my country of origin, and I still now find myself in the position of renegotiating who I am in relation to it on a daily basis. As an artist recently developing almost exclusively site specific projects, in order to create the work I tend to experience a deep sense of attachment to the place, and then mourn a loss brought about by the following separation from it. This is a very current and widely shared social condition, and its effect on the individual and society as a whole is hard to predict, I can only start looking into it subjectively.

invited by frei_raum Q21 exhibition space MuseumsQuartier Wien



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