ROCKFLUID. Memories; Traces; Places

Anglia Ruskin Fine Art Research Unit Talks
Wednesday 12th October 2011 2pm Ruskin 211
Elena Cologni

The current alienation of the individual induced by a technology dominant economy is based on an urge to cut the distance over time and space in today‚Äôs communication systems. ROCKFLUID represents an attempt to investigate the context. It creates possibilities for encounters in shared physical spaces where we experience the environment through moving our body in space thus defining our places. I am interested in doing this by looking at psycho-geography, adopting relational tactics, and sharing the creative process with participants. I also believe that to build an awareness of how digital time has disrupted our sense of subjective time is a key element. This can be done by breaking the accepted relation memory-past. With the current obsession over constantly documenting our lives, we may feel (and fear) that we cannot do the same with memory. By proposing that we do change our memories in the present by recollecting them, we may find in this very quality of instability of memory our ‘place’.

images from the interaction with the audience about relating memory to our experience of space in time exercise ‚ÄúTravelling as a way to produce forms‚ÄĚ (Altermodernism 2009, Nicholas Bourriaud). Starting from the obvious observation that there is a time distance between the now of perception and the after of the recollection, and a space distance between where we start from and where we return: What does ‚Äėthis‚Äô gap tell us? Is such gap there at all?

Anglia Ruskin University Fine Art Research Unit Talks


ROCKFLUID is awarded Grants for the Arts, Arts Council of England, within the Escalator Programme. ROCKFLUID is supported by Colchester Arts Centre, Wysing Arts Centre and the University of Cambridge, while opening up to other collaborating institutions.


Studio: Wysing Arts Centre
Fox Road, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2TX

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